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Notarial Services

Rod Needham and Greg McDonnell are Notaries Public as granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Documents are required prior to appointment, including any instructions relating to the service to be performed. Photocopies cannot be certified. Originals must be presented.

Formalities of execution

We do not have a translator on site. You must have sufficient English to identify yourself: that you understand the nature, contents and effect of the document; and are willing to perform the formalities of execution (swearing or deposing). 


Your current passport or NZ government issued ID (NZ driver licence, current passport or firearms licence) must be produced as identification and confirmation of your signature for all witnessing.

Special Requirements

As we notarise documents for use only in a foreign jurisdiction, it will be the responsibility of the person requiring the documents to make enquiries from the recipients of the those documents in that jurisdiction, as to whether they require certain special requirements*, or require verification of the notary’s signature (either by an Apostille from the New Zealand Internal Affairs Department or by the Authentication process from the Internal Affairs Department and that country’s consulate). 

*special requirements maybe the requirement of a special coloured ink or for additional witnesses as well as the Notary.

Notarial cost

The cost of an initial Notarial consultation is $100.00 (plus GST if appropriate) plus additional charges in accordance with:

i. any complexities,
ii.   the requirement of external verification of any documents,
iii.  where there are multiple documents,
iv.  when there is the necessity for separate certifications, and
v.   when we have the responsibility of the Apostle or Authentication process. 


Notarial Services are by appointment only

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